The core team of Uptility

The four founders


Dr. Michael Heiß

Geoinformatics specialist


IT Projectmanagement

Business Analyst

IT Servicemanager (ITIL)

location intelligence …

“Those who use spatial data, make better decisions! If enterprises are able to interpret their business information considering spatial contexts, their operational processes will be improved. Energy providers, telecommunications enterprises, logistics, trade, agriculture and forestry…all of them benefit from that. If the public administration collects and evaluates geodata, relations between humans, places and events become more transparent. By doing so, our customers can rely on the expertise of Uptility.”

Lukas Rosentreter

Computer scientist


Software Engineering

Esri ArcGIS Enterprise

IT Security Expert

agile application development …

„With regard to the necessary steps towards more Digitalization the energy revolution applies an enormous pressure to utility companies. The transformation of the IT processes, that arises from the growing decentralization of the energy supply, leads to big changes of the network documentation. Therefore, the sector is looking for new IT solutions to make distribution networks (geo-) intelligent. Uptility uses e.g. the Esri Utility Network to optimize applications and to make processes more transparent.“

Dr. Frank Brüning

Geoinformatics specialist

Data Scientist

Esri ArcGIS Pro

ETL Expert

Smart city and regions

“Smart city is a new, holistic approach for a technical efficient, green and social future of our cities and regions. I see a huge potential, if it works to bring open data, innovative technologies such as IoT or 5G together with GIS, so that new digital services result. For the benefit of the administration, the enterprises and all the citizens.”

Carl Fies

Computer scientist

Software Engineering


GIS & Office 365

Openness and performance …


“Our customers are increasingly confronted with huge data amounts, in that the spatial dimension becomes an important factor for a successful evaluation. We connect SAP HANA with GIS of Esri to achieve the greatest possible transparency and performance concerning our applications. That makes it possible to uncover spatial patterns and relations in business data that have remained hidden so far. With the help of SAP Fiori our applications can be especially tailored to the particular tasks. Functions and data are always available at the PC workstation as well as on tablets and smartphones on the way.”