Uptility prefers the agile software development, since it is possible to achieve results quite early due to short development cycles. The cooperation with the customers plays a central role in terms of the development process. The customer’s feedback creates products that bring the most benefits for the users. Uptility develops lightweighted and efficient applications. The apps should be constructed – for the purpose of the so-called Microservices – as simple, reusable and independent components or services. Moreover, they should be easy to combine to implement a specific functionality. Our experiences as developers have shown that monolithic software architectures are not able to fulfill the growing requirements anymore.

Software Engineering



  • VBA / VBScript, Ruby on Rails, Elasticsearch, Python, Java, JavaScript, JSF & JSP, C++, C#, SQL, HTML & CSS, Eclipse …

  • Esri ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Web Adaptor, ArcGIS Data Store; ArcGIS Pro; ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension; ArcGIS Online, Mobile, ArcGIS APIs und SDKs …

  • SAP HANA, SAP (R/3, S/4), Office 365 (Tools, Makros, Add-ins), Power BI with ArcGIS-Integration …

(Geo-) IT

Projects are conducted by humans. Their experiences and creativity as well as their willingness to communicate with each other and to assume responsibility decide upon the project’s success. The founders of Uptility have completed hundreds of IT projects successfully including a series of large projects over 1 million euro. Furthermore, diligence regarding the composition of the project team as well as a safe assessment of the completion dates and risks have contributed to much success. So, use the project management-know-how of Uptility. We design your IT project and guide it from the very first idea through the critical initial stage to a successful end and go live.

Geo IT Consulting


Independent IT strategy consulting Geoinformatics and Business Intelligence

Agile Requirement Engineering (Scrum, Backlog, User Stories), operational concepts (ITIL), creation of feasibility studies, SWOT, cost-/benefit analysis, requirement specifications, change-request.

Project management (IPMA certification):

Mentoring of GIS-related tenders, evaluation of offerings; operative controlling of GIS- and ERP projects (IT project leadership, team leadership, moderation of workshops, Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning / Review); mentoring of production startup, QM, test concepts, project acceptance, Go Live and Aftercare.

GIS-integration into business processes:

Business process analysis, connection of GIS to business systems, such as SAP HANA + ArcGIS, Power BI for ArcGIS; administration of spatial data infrastructures and databases. Evaluation of draft solutions and software architectures. Solution design, interfaces for geo – referencing (SOAP; REST); introduction of GIS-standard software (installation, configuration, integration).



In terms of the replacement of an IT-legacy system by a new product a data migration is an indispensable work step. Uptility supports test runs with real data as well as the timely integration of the stakeholders by means of careful planning. To avoid burdening the new system Uptility recommends to consolidate the data before the migration plus to remove unnecessary data. To enable this, we provide preconfigured procedures. For geodata, it’s not uncommon to make transformations to reproach the data, after the migration, in the correct reference system. That demanding task is in good hands at Uptility. Big Data? We use tools such as Microsoft Power BI to visualize large quantities of business data quickly and user-friendly. So, you will always keep the overview.

Data Services


  • Schema mapping, data modeling and migration of supply networks from legacy systems into the Esri ArcGIS Utility Network.
  • Conception and accompany of migration projects including the development of special migration tools, automation of data processing. Use of ETL Tools (e.g. FME).
  • Integration of external data into the requested target system, data harmonization, automation of data processing.
  • Preperation and integration of geodata of the official measurement (e.g. ALKIS).
  • Data enhancement such as geocoding and coordinate transformation according to ETRS89/UTM



Our customers want technical changes, they introduce new IT systems and working methods and they break new grounds. That requires the creation of new knowledge. Our goal is to find, together with our customers, the training which is appropriate for their questioning. We offer seminars, workshops and coaching to convey technical knowledge. We demonstrate the way from knowledge to applicate, to insert the new technologies and software solutions quickly and successfully.



Years of training experience regarding the Esri product portfolio: Esri ArcGIS Enterprise – ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Web Adaptor, ArcGIS Data Store; ArcGIS Pro.
Special training services regarding the construction and operation of the Esri Extension “ArcGIS Utility Network Management“.
Workshops regarding the construction of (geo-) databases, for instance Oracle Spatial, SQL Server, PostgreSQL to suit individual customers’ needs.
Workshop and coaching in the range of “Location Inteligence”: SAP HANA with ArcGIS, SAP HANA in Power BI, Power BI with ArcGIS.

Sharing expert knowledge.

Optimise processes.

Identify trends.

Your competent partner with experience.